National defense is impossible

National defense is impossible – just look at:

– Duke of Alva (Spain)

– Emperor of France (Napoleon)

– Austrian of Germany (Hitler)

If we pretend to be Belgians for a sec:

– Emperors of Germany & Austria

The only times ever, that a state’s army has managed to fend of an attacker,  in the entire history of the entire world, are, to my knowledge: Britain in WW2, and Russia (WW2, Napoleon).

(I must say, if my historic knowledge serves me right,  France’s army did succeed in fending off Germany’s during WW1. At great expense in terms of lives lost, in fact the battles during WW1 were the reason that the veteran De Gaulle rather surrendered to Hitler than make his soldiers go through such hell again.)

In both cases (Russia, UK) it wasn’t the army that fended off the invader, rather it was geography that did: Hitler was faced with the North Sea, when attempting to invade the UK, and both Hitler and Napoleon were deterred by the large distance, long supply lines & Russian winter.

Now, those long supply lines may be the reason that any hypothetical attack by Putin’s forces will fail)

We may assume that the UK will remain uninvaded again, because such a long distance only adds up to the difficulty of marching (swimming?) troops across the north sea, so far near the end).

On the other hand, what IS national defense? Why would the Dutch people fund a hugely expensive army to defend the jobs of what’s perhaps the least popular cabinet since WW2? Suppose Putin (or Obama/Clinton/Trump) manages to invade the Netherlands, then we the Dutch citizens will have to pay tribute. Big deal! Has anyone ever summed up the total tax burden? (Income tax, sales tax, all other punitive taxes)

Attacking is all armies are good at. Makes sense: government is the most violent entity in the world, ever.

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