Switzerland, national defense (again)

It would appear that #Switzerland has the most effective national defense imaginable: every adult male there, has to own a gun. If that particular http://www.tomwoods.com podcast episode was correct, then it was this, that kept Hitler from invading Switzerland (he was advised that the army may succeed, but he’d have no army left after it. And what is a politician without an army? Emasculated. Even if the British song of the era was correct, it would have been unpleasant to him.
But because the Swiss own so many guns, it keeps the govrrnment in line, making Switzerland a paragon of democracy. Imagine if the whole (well, the male half) of the adult population turned against you, and you had no repressive means to speak of, the thought alone is what it takes to force government to begave. Because they won’t do it out of their own volition, they have to be violently made to behave. Meaning that anarchism is the most peaceful style of organisation of a society.


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