Arguments against vengeance-based justice

… and in favour of #restitution-based #justice:
Vengeance-based justice (locking people up in cages, to be raped for years on end by their cell mates – sometimes for victimless crimes ( like the proverbial selling or even consuming of drugs), or giving them lashings, or shooting or gassing/electrocuting them) do not help reduce crime. In fact, they promote ever more crime. (As numerous studies have been pointing out for decades) This does not help the victim of the “current crime”, in fact, they have to pay (via taxes) to feed and house the thief / rapist / abuser. So they become the victim of the crime of theft, on top of all the others.

Having just listened to the podcast episode on, I realized that “legal system” prisons (cages to lock civillians in), are as bad as #Guantanamo Bay (though that’s the worst). People are locked up in #Gitmo after having been accused of terrorism for money. Locals got a bonus for every “terrorist” they turned in, surprisingly this lead to profiteers fingering innocents, whether complete strangers, or hapless persons they had a beef with.
Those innocents have in some cases spent 10 or 15 years in Guantanamo Bay, of course this breeds terrorists that have learned to hate the USA (and the countries that support it), now what would the possible solution be? They cannot be released, because it is certain that they would commit acts of terror, so keeping them locked up until they die of old age? Or kill them? (That may be more humane) The first thing that must be done is for this to be stopped.
Again, a #statist-fail.


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