Anarchies in a statist world

There are two camps in #anarchism:
– Ancaps (I consider myself to be one of those)
– Ancoms
That is: anarcho-capitalists and anarcho-communists.
Like what appears to be the prevailing opinion among #ancaps, I don’t really see how #ancoms are not self-contradictory: because in my humble view, #communism (communal ownership of the means of production) requires a state, or nation-wide share holding, to be able to “work”, in so far as communism can be said to work.
Shareholding of course puts communism slap-bang under the umbrella of capitalism, which communists don’t want, more (less?) than anything. So, they need a state to coordinate (determine) everything (totalitarianism).
#Ancoms maintain that the Soviet-states of old were merely intended as vanguard states, to prepare the road for global proper communism, which would be anarchist.
I do not know enough details about it, but suffice to say that I lack the condidence to delve deeper.
But, since for the time we are stuck with governments (states), I believe that we are better off putting our faith in ancapism than in ancomism.
Because ancapism seems to be the most productive approach to current daily life, even within the confines of a state. On account of capitalism being the most just and beneficial (to all) way to organize a society, and contrary to totalitarian communism, to allow a degree of independence and voluntaryism, which are now sorely lacking in modern society.
PS, some religious anarchists call themselves ancaps too, because plain anarchism (no rulerdom) would imply no god, as in the book-title “No gods, no masters”. To be able to fit their earthly beliefs to their spiritual ones, they chose to take the descriptor anarcho-capitalist.


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