The colour of policy

Why do anarchists/libertarians claim that “#private” (#commercial) businesses are better at providing services/goods than “#public” (#government) institutions?
– Because private businesses (unless ideologically motivated by pseudo-politicians) can only survive by pleasing the customer, who will be the user of the good or service. With government institutions, the government is the customer and not the user. So will not be able to value which service or qualities of service to require. And the government has the legal monopoly on providing those goods/services, so no innate incentive to improve delivery, or work more efficiently.
– Political parties are ideologically motivated, and those ideologies (dogmas) shape which levels of service they provide, and even which services they provide at all. So when the ruling parties have more of a left-wing bias, expect there to be less money for the roads, even though demand for them does not diminish. But even when a nominally right-wing party is in power, there will not be enough money put aside for roads, because this party is not properly (deep down inside) right-wing, and perfectlybhappy to sacrifice its principles, just to be able to form a coalition (with e.g. a nominally left-wing party) and to please be able to say that they’re in charge.
Since government has become so totalitarian (it involves itself with everything), “government businesses” that are so inefficient are to be found everywhere. And thus politically motivated levels of funding are too.
Then there’s the problem with calling government businesses “public” and commercial businesses “private”, but that’s a matter for a wholly different post.


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