Max, the mad lord of the flies

One may fear that, when “the inevitable revolution comes” (anarchy) ;-), society will become an uncivilized free-for-all.

To obviate this risk, one has to gradually ease society into it, by gradually withdrawing the government from life, daily and exemplary. This will not only show people that it can he done, but it will also prevent sudden unease.

Therefore a #libertarian/classically liberal phase phase is desirable. This will have the advantage of eliminating war, making everybody wealthier. (Only the most rigid of mitary-industrial complexians will not seek or create employment opportunities elsewhere).

This way, the structures for an orderly free society will be in place, when needed. And a Mad Max-like dystopia isn’t to be expected – because that uis not in the interest of the majority, people will want live to be orderly and calm.


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I am an author & an anarcharchist

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