Legitimacy of authority

#anarchy has, in the popular vernacular, become synonymous with chaos. This is silly, because anarchism is clearly a more orderly manner of organizing a group of people (society): any authority that “anarchist #security services” have, is that they are legitimately protecting the property/interests of the owner of said property.

Unlike in the current #statist world where the government butts into everything (as may be expected from a totalitarian regime) and the cops are used primarily as tax collectors. There was even a Dutch law formalizing that role: cops got fine quotas. And to my knowledge, not one single Dutch cop resigned over that. They could have applied for a useful, respected job like garbage collector, or truck driver, or whatever other job would have them be considered a desirable addition to society.

Instead, they chose to continue to be used as a baton against the people. Nobody has respect for such cops anymore, not helped by the fact that they have to enforce government‘s laws. The work of cops is made more difficult by the fact that they represent the government, that refuses to listen to the people and has in recent times even turned against us, and is perpetually (and deservedly so) impopular with the man in the street.

Government is busybodying itself with every aspect of our lives (it is a totalitarian regime), so that any small thing can land you in jail, for not paying the fines imposed over some minor thing that is none of government’s business. And people do not like that, so they disrespect the authority of the cops hired to enforce such laws.

In an anarchy, “cops” only ever maintain the rules on someone’s private property. The moment you leave that property, the rules no longer apply to you, and the “cops” leave you alone. (Except perhaps in order to serve you with a bill to pay for damages/repairs).

Compare that to #statist regimes:  when one dislikes the rules (laws) imposed by government, one has to travel (dtive/fly/sail) many thousands of miles, and move to an entirely different (yet eerily similar) statist regime, where one ends up in a very similar situation, after having gone through all the trouble and expense, of not only packing up, uprooting from a familiar situation, and the trouble of learning a whole new language  and new customs, and still have the very same Predator #drone fly over your head, and launch the very same Hellfire rocket into your house while you sleep.

Even if you’re bodily safe, countries have signed lots of extradition treaties among eachother, so even when leaving the other king’s/president’s “private” property, you’re still haunted by the rules you thought you escaped.


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