Schools these days…

Yesterday I’ve been to my high school reunion, had a lovely time, reacquanting with old friends and people I hardly knew, but only faintly noticed in the halls at the time. And some teachers too.
Some kids now have children of their own, that go to that same school as dad went to when he was young (and slim, time is not very kind to the waist line), comparing notes about school as school was back in the day, to how it is nowadays. Back then, kids could get away with a lot. Missed early class due to a party the previous night? Forge your parents autograph on the absentee note, don’t tell them and they’ll never know. That way, the kids could have a carefree & fun childhood and have lots of fun reminiscing at reunions.
Compare to kids today: their parents get immediate notice (before the child realises he missed a class) via the school app, that also tracks grades.
This is disconcerting! Teaching children that surveillance is the most common, normal thing in the world. When the #Stasi gets introduced here, nobody’s going to complain becausecthry’rd so used to it.
Btw did you know Stasi stands for Stats-Sicherheits Dienst? That literally translates to National Security Service, good ol’ #NSA. Echelon was, imposed under the guise of “protection against terrorism” but does meet with resistance (a.o. the ) whereas if you indoctrinate people that spying is good and normal; that so long as they stay in line they “have nothing to fear”, such resistance will be negligible, if existent at all.

There are now mollever more voices thst not provoking counter terrorism is better than mass-spying on the pple (that does not work anyway: look at San Bernardino)
Regarding “having nothing to fear if you follow the rules”: if everyone follows the rules, income from fines will be too low, and that means the government will just change the rules, without telling you, even the imposition of fine quotas on cops was not communicated to the people.


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