Is America (still) a #superpower?

I’m not referring to the two continents, north and Latin (south) America, but rather to the one that used to be a superpower. There was a time when it was, Truman refused to accept the Japanese government’s surrender, in order to demonstrate their (#nuclear) superiority. But now? I don’t think so. DC may still have command over a large,number of nuclear missiles spread all over the world, but if they want to start a war, they need China’s permission in the form of yet another loan.
Is there anyone who believes that #China will fund any attack the US might wish to attempt on China?
Sorry, mr. Trump, all your blustering about China hurting the US economy may not have been intended as a lead up to political/military disagreement with China, but that had better be the case, or the US may end up looking very wet, and with diminished credibility.


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