The current approach to justice doesn’t work

“But in your anarchist utopia, who would pay for/operate the prisons?”
Duh, nobody! Just as well, because #prisons do not work. Victims of assault or theft are not made whole by kidnapping the aperpetrator and locking them up in jail. At the expense of the taxpayer – presuming that the victims pay their taxes, they pay for their attacker’s livelihoods instead of having been rcompensed for damages. While true that it’s hard up to.imoossible to put a price on emotional damages, a practucal approach (how much counseling does the victim need to function somewhat noormally again? – is imprisonment of the perp considered a subsyitution for such counseling? Or, how much loss has the victim suffered from not being able to work)
Not only is that the perverse inverse of #justice (the victim paying the perpetrator – that is just as crooked as the medieval Arabic system that sends #victims of #rape to prison for the crime of having been raped). Socializing the cost of the prison-system is not the answer – let the whole society pay for something that does not work.

Hold on! That is the definition of taxation, isn’t it? A whole country paying for stuff that does not work.

So #revenge-justice makes no sense. Plus it does not work – recidivism has been the common complaint over the centuries about “revolving-door-criminals” getting out of jail, getting caught for another crime, and landing back in jail again. A whole elaborate system of councellors, baol bonds-men etc. has been devised to try and combat this problem. While I’m pleased for them to have a job, revenge is a poor means of creating “justice”, in fact, as described above, it does offer justice. The victim is re-victimized. It’s not as if the victim gains anything from the knowledge that the perp is in jail..
Hence #restitution-based justice is the only viable approach. Perhaps it does not prevent recidivism, but it’s on par with the current system of revenge.
For more on this, read Stefan Molyneux’s writings about DROs (Dispute Resolution Organisations) @, or Robert P. Murphy’s Chaos Theory over at or at


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