Can democracy exist?

In countries with millions of inhabitants, true #democratic rule is impossible (democratic rule is impossible, period. Rule over people isn’t democratic, because it moves power from them into the hands of a government).
Let’s, for the sake of argument suspend our understanding of that, for a moment. Democratic rule would involve direct involvement of people in government, if not personally, then by way of referenda. Not alleged “representation”. In a country with millions of inhabitants, direct involvement of the entire population is practically impossible. And even according to a strict definition of democracy, representation is not deomcratic. It still leaves the power in the hands of the r”representers”, that will openly, unashamedly applaud apeals to respect to the desires of the population less.
Therefore the inonly proper form of democracy is self-rule for each and every citizen: #anarchism.
Even in ancient Athens, Democracy meant power OVER people, not TO them. Because only rich men were alllowed to vote, not women, and especialy not slaves.


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