Representatives’ terms are too long

Regimes (administrations) stay in power for too long, people’s minds & opinions change entirely in 4 years, in part due to experience with the policies of the elected party. Meaning that the ruling party loses support,which makes their reign undemocratic…

Consider the current (October 2016) Dutch cabinet of Mark Rutte, a coalition of #VVD and PvdA (“right-left” together). According to the polls, the opposition party #PVV (of Geert #Wilders) is now the largest party and the #PvdA (labour party) is almost negative in seat count in parliament, the VVD is well below the PVV also. I cannot imagine that that’s comfortable to this cabinet, knowing their decisions have so little support among the population. Perhaps they have decided that because now, the population does not support them anymore, they can simply ignore our wishes and do what they like. Given that #Rutte and #Samsom (resp. VVD & PvdA) are both ginormous anti-democrats, so such might actually be their reasoning.
Rutte keeps refusing to accacknowledge the outcome of the referendum on the association treaty with the Ukrayne, and Samson, well…:
Inone parliamentary session, Wilders complained about the refugee camps for Syrian refugees that local councils erected, against the desires of the local population; Sansom interrupted him by claiming that it was just as well that the councils ignored the desires of the population. For that supremely anti-democratic statement, he received enthousiastic applause of the entire parliament. Oh, if only I was there. I would have taken the microphone, and informed all self-proclaimed “representatives of the people” that they could leave theroon, and never come back, since they are against the interests of the population, and not representative of us. Does anyone wish to try to remain seafed? I’d be happy to drag you out by your ears.

So, referenda are the only way representative government might be democratic, or simply abolish the concept of government (representative or not) entirely: #anarchism. Power to the person, not the (millions of) people.

And what about the refugees? When the west and Russia choses to continue the bombardments, chasing them out of their homes and onto the European continent, let the politicians responsible for that open up their homes, and take them in house and feed them – at their own expense. If they wish to socialize the costs of their actions, syre: tput the refugees in military training camps: they have the motivation to try and fight for making their home safe for return. Teach them how to use guns, anti-aircraft missiles, and supply them with weapons and ammo, and send em back. And STOP BOMBING THEM!
I can’t help bbt bring Hitler up again; the NSDAP was elected in 1933, making the invasion of Poland (1939), thus all of WWW2, democratic?


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