On crime

The stateless society is the most #crime-free, by its very nature. Not just speaking off victim-less crimes like possession of drugs, whether with intent to consume or to sell (sales involve two consenting parties: the seller and the buyer, who has the choice to not give money to buy the item, so where’s the crime in the seller voluntarily satisfying that consumer’s wishes?) It is much better to treat drug addiction as a medical issue, not a crime.
There are also regulatory differences among countries, encouraging more crimes, like human trafficking, smuggling narcotics. Of course, in an ancap society there will be many more diverse sets of regulations, but since those regulations only apply to the small private property of one owner, and not to an entire country (housing millions), they become a much less desirable/profitable/likely target for such crimes. Especially when a nearby property may have very diferent regulations, making it “legal” to buy and sell drugs there.
Of course, buying and selling humans will be “illegal” everywhere where there are humans. (So, by logical extent, human trafficking will be illegal).
And in the unfortunate case of someone unable to afford the insurance against kidnapping (into slavery), samaritans will likely be willing to foot the bill for their release, at least as a loan. This loan can be paid back when the slaver is sued and found guilty, and forced to pay damages.

Then there is affilliate crime, caused by an excessive regulatory burden. Cars have their Xenon headlights stolen, because they are useful for (illegally) growing cannabis plants. It is illegal to grow Cannabis, even in the Netherlands (not in Turkey, though), but in an inconsistent and schizophrenic move by the regulatory body, posession of small quantities of cannabis is allowed in the Netherlands. Theft (of headlights) is a crime, so is driving in the dark without headlights.

Statehood is the prerequisite of crime.
So, #freedom is the most crime-free way of arranging any society. What are we waiting for?


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