Purity of thought

In some #anarchist fora (say, on facebook) there wage struggles between anarcho-#communists and anarcho-#capitalists. It appears that ancoms are, to put it gently, very strict in their dogma, claiming that there should be no hierarchies at all (like owner – customer, god – creation, or employer – employee). Sadly, if millions of people (never mind billions) wish to share a planet, some hierarchies (owner – customer) are inevitable. In private property-hierarchies: owner and not-owner (if one owns a place of work, one’s employees are one’s customers). Of course: to ancoms, private property is evil. Anarcho-capitalism is surely the more realist concept of the two. I encourage fantasizing about making the future world more pleasant for everyone, and so I prefer to fantasize about allowing society to rearrange itself, away from the coercive systems of today, toward a freeer tomorrow. That means not forcing society into shapes it doesn’t wish to be in. The maleable society has long been a communist wet dream. And it still is.
Ancapism is about #freedom of association and of choice, so allows people to choose the set of rules they wish to live under. If one dislikes the rules in the contract, don’t sign it. That, to me, is the only way forward in the real world. Anarcho-communism could only work when there are shareholders of every resource in the entire world (making everyone a capitalist). And shared ownership means share holder meetings. Meetings of even small groups of people require a leader to organize them, to allow people to have their say. And there we have hierarchy. Now, try to have a meeting of even one country full of people to decide on whether the mined iron ore should be applied to the fabrication of screws instead of nails and hairpins, trucks to transport the fabricated screws. Then choose what type of screw it ought to be: Philips-head or another type of head. How big they should be (diameter, length), etc. The mind boggles, even before reaching the hour set aside to discuss food production.

Speaking of thought (whether pure or not): it is my opinion, that, if one thinks about #politics, that one naturally comes to oppose it. Just consider its past achievements: war, poverty, misery, torture, oppression, … It takes a particular mind to get seduced to joining them, to wish to experience doling out some of that yourself. That is another reason politics should be abolished: it lures so many bad people. Concentrating those bad people is quite a good idea in itself, makes it easier to keep an eye on them. Problems are, that they are concentrated in a position of power, and they keep an eye on us. (#NSA’s #Echelon)


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