If socialism really worked…

Re http://mises.orglibrary/why-nazism-was-socialism-and-why-socialism-totalitarian

If socialism really worked, Germany would have won WW2. The economy was completely dedicated to war, and it wasn’t enough.
Or perhaps ended in a stale mate, with communist Russia. As it stood, the nazis ruined their economy, by inflating the money supply to pay for guns, etc. (Read the article in the link), imposing wage & price controls, causing distress for the people… I am amazed that there were still so many of them willing to kill & die for their country. That is perhaps the most scary realization of all; it could happen here. In fact it is hapening: after the Euro etc, the government is unashamedly advertising to lure people to become assassins, and judging by the amounts of people they send out to kill Arab citizens, to do Obama’s bidding, the adds must work. The nazis ruined the economy (shortgages, rationing?) and still people risked their lives for that regime.
The lesson: government is not for the people


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One thought on “If socialism really worked…”

  1. Related to this: I do wonder how Switzerland survived ecnomically, being surrounded by Germany and the countries occupied by Germany…


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