defining “country”

How would one define “the country”?
A) As “the people”, aka its inhabitants, or:
B) as the political institutions, aka the politicians.
This matters for #treason means “betraying the country”, so sueing politicians for treason over

  • worshipping at the church of the IPCC
  • maximizing emissions of #CO2


  • knowing full well what happened at 9/11/2001
  • and why it happened.
  • and doing their bestest best to cause a repeat of that.

Is legally feasible or not. I would be curious as to how the judge would rule

The latter “only” endangers at most 320,000,000 (for DC) (or 17,000,000 for the behaviour of the politicians in The Hague)
In case of (A), the indictment of all of politics for treason will proceed and definitely succeed.

In case of (B), all of mankind is doomed. And has no other choice than to impose #anarchism globally.


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