On the #military

I am happy to see that #GaryJohnson polls highest among military personnel (active & veteran), for the #election of #potus (President Of The United States) in 2016, because he is not such a hawkish war monger as #HillaryClinton or even #DonaldTrump (who gained much popularity in some very militarish states, for saying they were lied into Iraq).
Makes me wonder why these people signed up, and stay signed up. Surely, it is possible to resign from the army, like from any other job. When you notice that defence is not ever gonna happen, only offence. The only defending the western armies are involvrled in, us when they invade some far away country, and the soldiers there make valliant attempts to defend AGAINST WESTERN ARMIES.

Also, the great leader #Obama apparently is so petty about people  (veterans) saying mean things about him, even though they have every right to, since Obama sent them into that senseless war. Complaining about Obama’s goons will get the blackhawk helicopters sent to pick you up, in the middle of the night.

This is scary: apparently, serving politicians does,not exempt one from the wrath of the regime. If yoy do not want people to complain about what you do to them, dont do it to them!

(Which, by the way, is the only kind of defence the US army is ever involved in: defence against them)
Thereby sowing the seeds for a repeat of 9/11.
“Because they hate our freedoms”. Oh please, if such a pathetic phrase comes out of the mouth of a president, he should be sacked immediately. Al Gore should have been instated there and then. And I do not support Al Gore! I’m sure he would have sent assassins somewhere too (apparently, the constitution commands them to), being a democrat, historically the most likely to kill people. I have reason to believe that the “regime change” in Iraq has been on the cards for a long time, before 9/11 even; since Bill (-ary) Clinton! And some people are going to vote for the woman behind that criminal shambles.


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