Hollow 2

These days, one is likely to hear people complain about #islam, and #muslims, as wel as #Russia & #Putin. Again on social media, when I suggested that mutual trade is best to prevent war (because that harms the interests of both parties) and to facilitate that trade, Russian and Arabic languages should be taught in schools, someone was so enlightened to come to the defence of Russia, claiming that they have never been aggressive (that may be true, or an exageration. Given the restraint Putin showed in the face of American/western provocations, also when a Turkish jetfighter shot down an Russian one, that may just be true).
Yet, that same person unashamedly said that he had a simple solution to “the issue of muslims” (sounding eerily similar to “die Judenfrage”, Hitler’s name for his policy og solving all economic issues thst plagued Germany at the time): death to all of them, no language lessons required).it is amazing how cognitively dissonant people can be. Perhaps people prefer to stick to opinions formed very long ago (say, in high-school), and not put any thought into them anymore, rather support a politician that confirms their opinions, withiout revisiting them, holding them to the light.

This could provoke a treatise on public schools, I’ll save that for later.


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