Some time ago, on social media, I ended up debating politics with some people. That was a tad disheartening.
At one moment, I stated the obvious: that governments have turned against us. One of the people partaking in that conversation, felt unable to suppress this reply: “so many hollow phrases, I don’t know, where to start!”. And people like that have the right to vote. It makes you want to drown yourself.
Because this was someone else’s profile page, on social media, I chose to stop, but in hindsight I would have loved to wipe the floor with her left-wing ass: “I would advice you to always be able to back up what you say, I find it helps” and then reference to the attempts by all those sincere government believers in #AGW (the anthropogenic global warming hypothesis) make every attempt to emit as much #CO2 as possible, which counts as #treason / an attempt at #genocide. And more, like the government’s undemocratic habit of ignoring referendum-results, the government imposing #FineQuotas on cops and no doubt much more.

Such refusals to think are sadly very common (on both sides of the 1D-political “spectrum”), and social media exposes them handily. There once was posted (on Twitter) a video of American cops arresting a car thief, the car with thief, speeding away in a street in a built up area, with the cops shooting at the car, with houses a way behind the car, in the background. Picture sitting there in the morning, having breakfast, by the window when suddenly a bullet pierces the glass and your body.
Later the cops chased the car thief through someone’s garden and arrested him. My comments about the reckless firing in the direction of houses were dismissed, as if car thiefs deserve the death penalty (without trial by judge & jury) presuming the cop managed to hit the car and the driver – it’s safe to say he didn’t, well, perhaps he broke a tail light.
My debater said he didn’t mind at all, and because they ended up catching the thief, all was well.
And that’s before you mention anarchism to #HowlerMonkeys. Desperate to keep in tact their delusion of a properly working representative democracy. Ignoring the fact that it is an oligarchy, with all power resting with the government, not the people.


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