Arnold Toynbee’s Challenge/response

Arnold Toynbee was a British historian, who coined the concept of Challenge/response, which in full reads: “if a society is unable to come up with a suitable response to posed challenges, it is doomed to disappear.”
I’d say today’s challenges are quite considerable: looming WW3 (perhaps even when smoeone other than Hillary is elected as potus), looming communism (that was what the AGW-scare was all about, even the UN admits as much), if CO2 really is a powerful #greenhouse gas, then government’s climate policies merit a response.
The great empoverishment of America’s elders, on account of people relying on the #unfundedLiabilities, such as #SocialSecurity.
Collapse of the Dollar, following government’s attempts at paying up the nominal values of the Social Security obligations, which is only possible through staggering #inflation, destroying the economy, which leftist howler monkeys no doubt wish to blame capitalism for. While (proper, unbound, stateless) capitalism is the only way it may have been prevented.

One might discern a trend here: all challenges originate in government, and thus the response should be directed at government.
I am not calling for outright Anarchism, even though that form of societal organization holds my preference over all others (oligarchy, democracy, dictatorship, monarchy) Actually, I find anarchy the most (the only) pure form of democracy imaginable, all others – whether parliamentary or direct (by referendum) are forms of oligarchy; rule of the few over the many. Even democracy as taught in governmrnt schools is dictatorship of the many over the few.

Because an abrupt migration from totalitarian rule to independence/freedom would be too sudden, that is why it is best to try to smooth the transition, because the change is gonna come, whether we like it or not. The experiment of rule has run its course, it has failed spectacularly.
The risk with going through a #libertarian phase, is that when things start to look up much, people will say : “see? Government isn’t so bad…” And the move to #anarchism may not be executed at all. A few months after that people will be calling for more government power.


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