The folly of the war on drugs

Apart from just being immoral (therefore agressive) and senseless, the drug war is also a waste of money: picture, if you will, a housing community in an anarchy. Of course, it is up to the owners of the community to include a clause in the contracts banning drugs.
And the people that choose to live there have to read and sign the contract, if they agree to abide by them, in the admirable attempt at raising ther children in a drug-free zone.
Because drugs are seductive, that ban will have to be enforced, at considerable expense. This expense will make that community so expensive as to make it hard to sell houses. Neighbouring communities without those restrictions wil have a much easier time attracting customers.
That is the upside of not having a centrallized authority.
No drug-related crimes anymore, so there’s no reason to maintain the ban on drugs.


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