The American polling company Gallup had asked people in the Middle-East, how they felt about America (the USA). The results were very clarifying:
They had no beef with the American people
They did hate the American government.
Given how keenly DC keeps sending penal expeditions around the world (these days mostly into the Middle-East; Asia has luckily fallen out of fashion), apparently the US government hates the American people. And keeps trying to provoke the next 9/11, which will result in ever more retaliation-invasions. Which will result … You get the picture.
One side will have to be the bigger man, and quit. For multiple reasons, DC should be that side.

  1. They started it
  2. They have central leadership, all the many millions of angry Arab citizens do not.

So, if DC continues the #terrorist activities, expect more counter-terrorist attacks. They cannot reasonably expect the Arab citizens to roll on their backs in appeasement. Heck, that didn’t even work with Chamberlain & Hitler, and the Arab citizens will certainly not expect it to work with DC. DC just has not earned the repuation of a sane, fair adversary, rather they are perceived as a btutal one that strikes  without provocation, under false pretenses.

Because the USA likes,to present itself as a very democratic one (as in one,that listens to the people), their hostility can easily be explained as endorsed by the people there. But  because #democracy nowadays gets interpreted by the ruling caste as power over the people instead of powrer to the people, the people have nothing to say about it.


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