Politics of begrudging

This is an expanded English version of https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/politiek-van-misgunst/

It is probably not far off the mark, to say that the left (mainstream politics, #msp) tossed Trump his 2016 presidential election victory, by its custom of begrudging people stuff / insulting them, calling them names.now if that name-calling had any foundation in fact, its cause may even be understood, perhaps even accepted (albeit grudgingly)
But left is the ideology of begrudging, pettyness, mindlesness, agression, dominion, misplaced feelings of superiority…
By now it has run out of majorities to insult over alleged mistreatment of a minority. Every single person (bar the most hard-core college-student) has already been victimized enough to have learned to not vote for the left again. “Hope & change”, remember that lie? Another lie, concerning lefty poiticians is the Nobel prize: Obama has won the Nobel prize for peace, but never had one day of peace during his entire regime. Gore had also won the same prize earlier for his back then already rickety (and by now utterly disproven) #AGW-hysteria.
Also, the UN has made it clear that AGW (Anthropogenic Global Warming) was nowt but a means of population cobtrol/manipulation or social engineering. As confirmed by Ms. Christiana Figueres. And any other politician in the world that likes to make a lot of noise about climate changebeing the fault of the people, while also causing heaps more CO2-emissions than would occur without government manipulation.
Hence: anyone who is naive enough to believe the CO2-propaganda, must agree with me that #anarchism is the only way to safe the planet.

Whence this digression into climate policy? Because that has multiple harmful goals, more than
The population manipupation as described above,
the desire to put the blame for anything (no matter what) on the people (while it is undeniable that the blame lies solely on government) but also:
In order to tax the life out of the population.
it is a brilliant means of denying people things, ie freedom of movement; wealth


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