Walter Block’s interpretation of the NAP v. mine

Professor Walter Block has written a splendid book (available for free from the great, titled “Defending the undefendable“. In this somewhat controversial book he describes the #Non-Aggression Principle (#NAP) as:
“Limited to analyzing one single problem. It asks, under what conditions is #violence justified? And it answers, violence isjustified only for the purposes of defense, or in response to prior #aggression, or in retaliation against it.”
It is the latter bit, about #retaliation (#revenge) that I have my beef with. Retaliation occurs after the aggression has stopped, therefore re-initiates aggression, and violates the NAP. Under professor Block’s definition, jail sentences are acceptable, because they are revenge for some prior offense/aggressive act. Under my interpretation it is not acceptable to kidnap people and lock them up in a cage, against their will.
There is the issue of, say, a 24 hour psych-hold, which is against the will of the subject, but (intends to) protect them from harm, and to prevent them from causing harm to others.
But I never claimed that the NAP is the be-all and end-all of the entire law.
Of course, a four-year psych hold seems appropriate for some politicians, beginning with when they begin their term, and ending whrn the term ends.
“I hereby swear to not perform the duties of president of America, to be polite to the nurses that brings me my food, medication and what have you.”
“I shall not start any wars for whatever motive, whether it is short-term financial gain for the military-industrial complex, or short-sighted electoral gain, or longer term imperial gain.


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