Arabian appeasement

(freely translated into English from
today I’ve sent this letter to the EP ( by Marne Le Pen) and to US congress-woman Roby
The Permabombardment of Arabs will NOT result in a cessation of #IslamicTerrorism, according to the following very simple reasoning:
Such a change depends on the Arabs being stupid enough to try their hand at appeasement politics. Many Arabs have emigrated to the west, where their children go to school and learn that Neville #Chamberlain’s attempts to appease Hitler were a shocking failure (presumably, Chamberlain’s of declaration of #war did not help – it surely didn’t help the Dutch, because it was Hitler’s acceptance of the declaration that resulted in the invasion of the unfortunately-located Netherlands) meaning, that that knowledge will be communicated to the Arabian country of origin, resulting in no desire there at all to try and appease the west by not counter-terrorizing the west.
Worse, they did not do anything to deserve the bombardments in the first place, so if not doing anything results in being hunted by bloodthirsty madmen with western flags on their uniforms, their desperate anger will be vented against the countries of origin, easily identified by aforementioned flags.
So not only is this #politics of #murder criminal and immoral, it is also counter-productive (by causing an incessant stream OF counter-terrorism) Therefore the department of offense will have to be abolished, the aircraft and tanks molten down and converted into plough shares. The ships can be converted to cargo ships for the merchant navy.

To close off, it is cruel to make so many humans desperate, on top of the impossibility for peace, resulting from such despair.


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