Regarding government and its laws…

The war on #drugs serves to keep prices high so CIA’s smuggling into the US funds more clandestine #CIA operations:
The smuggling qualifies CIA operations inside US; so is against the law/charter?
How illegal can the CIA (a government agency!) be?
It breaks the law by:

  • the act of smuggling drugs. And:
  • by operating on US soil, which it’s not allowed to.

Thereby the US government gives carte blanche to all those who use/are involved in drugs: time to clear out those prisons, boys! Apparently it isn’t illegal to break the law! Since even the institution that gave itself the right to pass laws, ignores them.
The law is nothing but an expensive piece of roll-up paper to roll your joints in. Even the government deliberately breaks it. So it’s not just the people selling/buying drugs that should go free, but ALL of them. Since kidnapping & locking people in caves (imprisoning) is a seriously immoral act, while the law used to justify the imprisoning, isn’t even taken seriously by the actual institution creating/passing/upholding it, so the government has no right t kidnap people, locking them up in caves.
However, since this whole affair is dripping with #illegality/#immorality, the people have every right (obligation) to kidnap politicians. (Meaning that the prison staff won’t be losing their jobs soon.) Since jails are privately funded anyway, no taxes go into keeping #politicians locked up.


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