Socialists are deluded

#Socialists like to complain about “just because the nazi party featured the word #socialist in its name, doesn’t mean Hitler was a socialist.” Because as everybody knows Hitler was not a nice person, so he cannot have been a left-winger. Duh, surprise: he was both a classical socialist (means of production in the hands of the state) and a proto neo-socialist (a very aggressive racist, keen invader of countries, nasty statist). “They just called themselves socialist because that was the popular thing to do at the time, but they were not real socialists… ” #HeadInHands, #SoDesperate.
Likewise, “socialism” has the word “social” in it, but that doesn’t make socialists social.
Socialists (including #ancoms, obviously) keep contorting themselves into ever more impossible pretzels, just to justify not changing their darling beliefs.
Give it up, guys! Nobody takes you seriously anymore, just give up your beliefs and take in a dose of reality. Come on: open that mouth, as if you’re going to protest the greedy bankersagain, but instead, inhale deeply. Feel that reality flll your lungs! Embrace capitalism as the only sensible solution!
Another reason why nobody takes you seriously anymore, is your claim that true, full-on socialism means that the state disappears (anarcho-communism), yet #communism/socialism can’t function without the state being the owner of the means of production, it can never be anarchist, as it purports to be.
Lastly, given all the well-known evils of socialism, anyone embracing/promoting it/joining the party, self-classifies as evil.


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