Power needs balance. Forget the left

Power needs balance. So, if (when) the right gets to power, it needs a left to ballance it out. Sadly, that balance can’t come from the left. Because the left has resorted to its traditional belly-aching about being oh-so upset about the evil right, that is now supposedly behaving as badly as the left was treating people when it had delicious power.
This way, the left has waived all credibility;
If they seriously have no memories of how they treated people in their time it is not very promising for future policy.
If they do have memories but choose to ignore it, they’re hypocrites.

So, absolute power to the right then? Insofar as there exists a political right, as far as I can tell; it’s all left. (I define left as aiming to transfer as much power as possible from the citizen to politics, so that’s GWB and Wilders for ya.
So we can not expect from the left that it will step up to its role. But we have to reign in the right’s power.
I know some categorize the left as wishing to bend society to,its whims. In order to achieve that, the left needs as much power as it can get.


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