Ttansportation & economics

It would appear that goverment has spent decades, trying to force people out of private transport, into public mass transit. Because the latter is supposed to be better for the environment.
Of course, an informed person would beg to differ: cars/motorbikes only travel because the occupant has to go somewhere. Buses travel because the schedule says they have to, not because the passenger load /availability says so. Meaning they often travel with too few (or less, at times downright zero) passengers.
“But if we create more roads, the traffic jams stil occur, it just leads to more people driving!” Ah, and that might almost be called Say’s law ( (Jean-Baptiste Say , French economist & buzinessman lived from 1767 to 1832:, which simply put says that supply will create its own demand. According to that, supplying more roads will create more demand for them, ie will cause more traffic jams instead of solving them.
Now, mister oh-so-green activist, tell me: does Say’s law also apply to markets that have been so deliberately and grossly distorted as the market for transportation? There I can only identify malice on your part, wilfully sacrificing the environment you claim to find so precious, to your desire to eradicate anything private, and thus create the ideal, fully communist society.
When for decades there has been demand for more AND more cleverly designed roads, this demand has been vocally ignored on (false) grounds of environmentalism. Yet, the population has kept growing, in no small part thanks to you yourself, who insisted on allowing in more immigrants, plus the government actually subsidizes childbirth! So the demand for transportation has inevitably grown.
This way, you have been exposed as being an utterly selfish hypocrite, and a dangerous communist. And you have also proven that transportation is an area that the governnment should stay out of.

Seevalso the post about peak pricing :


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