Offense budgets

I have done some calculations with the numbers here:

I do take offense at them speaking of “defense” budgets, since militaries are only capable of offense (read some of the other posts of mine in the categores “defense/verdediging” and “oorlog/war” where I explain that fully), and it turs out that the USA has an offensive budget, that’s only matched by the following 12 countries on the list! Fear of Chinese aggression? Oh, darn,tooting youshould be affraid of that (China only had an offensive budget that’s 1/3.75th of the American, but they can cripple any offensive war by the USA against it, by simply not funding it! Defensive wars are doomed to always fail, so no worries about that.

Anyone thought the USA was still a vague semblance of a #superpower?
Oh wait, you may be affraid of Russian aggression: the US killer-budget, at $581 trillion, is 12.49 times bigger than the Russian invasive budget at $46,600,000,000.
So of which country should you be affraid for your live? Perhaps the one with the most kinetic foreign policy?


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