The social contract is a one-way construct

The social contract only ever goes in one direction obligations from the civillian to their overlords. By not moving out of the jurisdiction of the overlords, the citizen agrees with all the government does.
That is pertinent nonsense, of course; so long as the same does not apply to #politicians (that VOLUNTARILY choose to enter politics) one could easily argue that a #Hitler did not work only in the best interests of his citizens, or a George W. Bush, who sent 4000-5000 to their deaths, or a Stalin, or a Pol Pot, a Mussolini, the list goes on and on, definitely if one reads up the achievements of (esp. socialist) politicians, in e.g. R.J. Rummel’s “Death by government”.
Those cases are ones whee governments had clearly waived their rights of existence, by turning against the people. And not living up to their ends of the social contract


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