War is imminent?

Some professor wanted to have his time in the sun, by warning for a war between the US and China. Perhaps he (being a professor) was so partisan that he wanted to fan the anti-Trump flame.
Please let me asure you here: such a war will never happen. Because the US would never start a war like that (and the US has been nearly the sole starter of wars for as long as I can remember, so the chances of China doing it are negligible.) The US will not do that, because that country is bankrupt. In order to continue its hobby of invading/occupying/subdueing the world, DC has to beg for money from China. And somehow I do not think that China will subsidize the attack against itself.
Though: never say never, when the Chinese government recognizes such an occupation as a convenient means of ridding itself of pesky domestic trouble-makers, perhaps the government will then go into hiding until the US withdraws.
Now, who’s the superpower now, huh?
Not the USA, with thanks to the governments’ squandering of money and economy.
Commies can keep their victorious crowing about “this prooves communism is better than capitalism.” to themselves, because:
it only shows that China’s version of communism is less unsuccesful than the one practiced in the US, which (as said) depends very heavily on military aggression.
But it stil is communism, just like China has: centrallization of power.
The key difference is, therefore: #military #aggression is key to any hopes of dooming the economy. (And also requires centrallization of power, because no sensible individual willingly destroys possessions & lives & ecosystems)
Also, China is currently going through its own #roaringTwenties (just like the US economy did in the 1920s and between the 1980s and early 2000s) so will soon experience a 1930s-style #depression (just like the west did since 2008).


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