This reflects quite poorly on you

In,a much older post, I have written about anarcho-communism and anarchocapitalism. I have to say, I’m still convinced that anarchocapitalism (ancapism) is the most promising view (esp. compared to statism). So ancapism may be less strictly anarchist, because it allows for voluntary employer (boss)-employee relationships. A heresy to ancoms (anarcho-communists). Which makes ancapism that the only feasible way to organize real life societies.

This year (it’s 24 April 2017, as I write this), marks the centenial of the market debut of Das Kapital (in 1917). Since then communism has been the source of unquantifiably much human suffering, countless civillians killed and the economic damage (and damage to mental & physical health) is unimaginable. Still people turn to communism as their ideology of choice, knowing full well what it does

(I know Marx did not invent socialism, but for convenience sake, let’s take 1917 as the birth date of that ideology as well: communism is an iteration of socialism, which has failed just as spectacularly as communism has.

Communism requires a dictator, as much as communists try to deny that: a centralized state without dictator simply does not work. Of course, a centralized state equally simply does not work for the people, but ignoring them for a moment, one can simply recognize that unnatural structures need brutal enforcing.

On anarchist fora (forums), ancoms are desperate to try and make their ideology look good, and to slur ancaps. They resort to slander, transparent fables, and equally transparent distortions, anything to make their darling ideology look fine. The worst of it is, they know what they’re doing. Any regular person would have taken the stupendous failure to heart and dropped the ideology  but oh no, not communists. They keep kicking the dead donkey until ancaps cave in, or plain miss out on an opportunity to respond.

THAT is what reflects poorly on them: the despair to defend (and promote) an inmpossible (& harmful) system. Because just like all leftists they do not care about the wellbeing of others, only about their own enjoyment. Socialism is the perfect ideology for egotists (aka politicians), and the wrong ideology for civillians.


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