The role of government, ep. 2: titles to land/protection of property

To expand upon episode 1: (which was also about ownership rights) registering/protecting/enforcing ownership rights/titles is a fairly legitimate role of government, one it fails at. But it would be considered (by anarchists/minarchists) to be a task, that it would be OK for government to perform.

Sadly for statists, this task can also easily be performed by market institutions. Because assigning the role of protecting title (ownership) to government, requires that all ownership of land falls into the hands of government (either by default primordial declaration “This region is our region, so all the land here, is ours”, or bybway of asset forfeiture, which is a super crooked way for government to steal stuff from legal owners), and then government sells (or leases) the land to a party, keeping a copy of the sales agreement, so that, in case of dispute, the government remembers which party is the registered owner, and can thus levy taxes for the land ownership. (!)

So long as the owner can define which land they own (eg by stating coordinates, or by referring to “all the land between these landmarks (like mountains, or lakes)”, a respected company can perform this duty of registrar. d

 would of course pose the risk of this registrar being bought up, and then ruling in favor of its parent company, when it would try to by up land owned by another.

This qualm can be partly waylayed by pointing to the high price of purchasing the company, bring a deterrent for any such scheme. The registrar (R) would serve no further purpose anymore, after this scam has been pulled of. So the malicious company (M) would want to sell it off but if the reputation had gotten smeared by these practices, it woufld prove hard to sell, so M would be stuck with R.

Of course, it is still possible that proceeds from the sale/exploitation of the land is worth the price M paid for R, so M would only have to implode R to rid themselves of that deadweight, if some companylies were to do this with all the land, and registrars, and they wouod merge making one single big company that owns all the land, firning a deacto new government. Perhaps instead of via a company (which is fallible), this could be arranged via block chain, or by having a chain of trusted registrars register the title of land/businesses, perhaps each registrar guards only one part of the title.

It seems silly to keep a government, for fear of the risk of a (new) government. We now have 100% certainty of a government, and in this future scenario, there is a significamtly smaller chance if that.


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