The totalitarian justification

The French did miss out on a brilliant opportunity regarding the EU by not voting for Le Pen. On the other hand it should not (no doubt it will, but it should not. It simply can’t) be taken as agreement with #Macron’s views of the #EU. There is no way that the conclusion can be drawn that the people wanted to stay in the EU. The French government, like all western-style “#democracies” is #totalitarian. So given all the aspects of life the government interferes with, it is inpossible to point to one single aspect and say that the election proved that this is what the people want.
Even with referenda it would be difficult. If the people would consider what the consequences of a certain vote for a referendum would be, they may imagine consequences ifthey vote yes, that bear no relation with reality. So, they may be spooked into voting “no”, though they may prefer to vote “yes”.
In the mean time, the #French did not do the rest of the citizens in Europe a favor by voting for the pro-European Macron. Which proves that there is no unity among the citizens of Europe, so: ditch the #EU already, the U is horribly out of place


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