Novel-idea: the commune

I have a lot of ideas for #novels that can promote (the ideas of) #liberty, I have more ideas for novels than time to write them, so I would like to present them here to let others write them.
Here’s one inspired by the commandment “Go live in a commune!” By which I mean that in a free society, people are perfectly free to go live in a micro-society (a commune) where everyone has to obey the ukazes passed from on high, if they so desire.
In a statist society, one can of course not live in a free commune, but the reverse is very much possible.

However, any children born into such a comune did not make the choice to,live there. Interesting conundrum, that could with some effort be expanded to novel-length.

Happy writing! I look forward to read the final manuscript!
Ps: I just thought of the following: there are some people who would find statelessness horrible, because they enjoy the opportunities for sadism, offered by the state; mistreating millions. (Evidence: the people that vote for cryptocommunists, knowing full well the behavior they have displayed in the past. The “crypto” isn’t such a big deal, they only changed the name – or take the assassins in guard-towers on the iron curtain that tried to kill people escaping the communist hell hole) Now, their lives would be ruined if denied the chance to ruin other people’s lives. Sure, they could found a commune, hoping to lure people that would be happy to have their lives ruined, but that would not be an  amount comparable to today’s situation. Now, that would be a commune that would collapse quickly.


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