Novel-idea: Martian murder mystery

Here’s another idea that I sadly had to reject: a space ship from Earth to Mars, with colonists, arrives with one less colonist, than it left with. The mystery baffles ground control on earth. An investigator is sent via a second ship (carrying supplies or whatever), but meets with resistance on Mars.
What really happened was: somewhere behind the moon (the gravity of which was used to slingshot the space ship to Mars, one of the colonists woke out of hibernation and flused the body of the sleeping the politician that was to rule over te new colony, out the airlock, in order to give the colony a chance to survive/flourish.
Isadly gave up on this idea, because it was too extreme (I found it hilarious myself, but realized it was maybe too much asked to find a sufficiently large readership to make it worthwhile) Still, I wish you all the best with this idea, dear writer!


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