I strongly feel that we need to popularize our

    I strongly feel that we need to popularize our message, by writing bestselling novels, making good movies, to prep the populace’s minds.

    Why am I confident that anarchist/minarchist literature (when done well) will reach a wide audience?

    Well, almost everyone I speak hates the government, they just don’t know how to get along without one yet.

    Plus: take the 5 Ps of marketing:

    1. Product
    2. Place
    3. Price
    4. Promotion
    5. Purple cow (anarchist lit has a very big purple cow factor, because it’s so outrageous)

    Purple cow means: you’re walking along a field with some friends, when you suddenly see a purple cow. That’s when you start prodding people: “Hey! Look at that cow there!” Anarchist literature has that in droves.

    So this P really means getting others to do the marketing for you.

    I feel we must emphasize the aspects of (legal) order without government / economic distress with/caused by government, not without government. And of course any other aspects that people still think they need government for: to protect us from (as if the government is willing to protect us from anything) “islamic terrorism” (which is obviously just a counter-terrorist response to western (christian) terrorism.) So by all means write a historical novel about the crusades, using bomber jets, instead of swords, and, in ordercto make it more realist: include how the attackers are compelled to attend church services in the army’s chappels, as was instated under GWB.

    Or let yourself be inspired by watching “Fascism in colour” on Utube, and consider how the current right wing is trying to do the same thing with the help of islamic terrorists. And, thanks to the disgust with the left, the left as cutltivated in many, the right i qute succesful at it, too. Sheep led to the slaughter. Sadly, thrley’re taking everyone with them.


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