war against poverty

The best #war against #poverty is the war against war: don’t make new #homeless people
(wars create veterans who become homeless; aggravating the crime against humanity)
And now I’m just talking about the invading army’s assasins: the ones that travel all the way around the world to #kill people, that wouldn’t even know of their existence, the crimes against those people are even greater.
Since war only costs money, it cannot be said to be profitable (except for the #MIC: Military-Industrial Complex): the homeless/dead can’t contribute to the tax base: on top of which people set aside charitable relief-money, the government levies extra taxes to fund medical tratment to enable veteran with destroyed bodies to live out their lives in some degree of comfort & dignity.
Those taxes have to get coughed up by a continuously shrinking tax base, as more tax payers become veterans, consuming taxes just to stay alive.


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I am an author & an anarcharchist

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