Representative == repressive?

The words look similar, as do the concepts. If you pretend/attempt to represent tonnes of people with one single person, you cannot please everyone, in fact, you’ll displease most (I know, at first glance the law of averages has it that you please half, but people are displeased in different amounts about different things, so less than half), MP’s know that, so thry stop trying to figure out what the people want, and by extent, stop caring about what we want. They only do as they themselves want, because they’re in charge.
Which is why all self-labeled #democracies are #oligarchies: minority rule; a #parliament of 150 Dutch MPs tells a population of a bit more than 17,000,000 what to do, without really representing anyone,other than themselves. The scary thing is, observing hearings they demonstrate to actually believe that they serve the people. Impossible! There are 113,333 1/3 people per MP. Each of those people has different wishes from the next, some genuinely wish to harm,their fellow country men, those are the ones that vote communist/socialist.

And I’m not even talking about the American election fraud that won, Obama the ’08 election. And that country made duch a big fuss about imposing democracy on,Arabia, at the cost of millions of lives (and rising for the foreseeable future  – and bryond?) (link to a Dutch report)


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