Why I’m scared

Yoy may have heard of climate change being all the rage nowadays. #Politicians and (unaffilliated) #warmists are on the barricades to make the people scared of #CO2, the lifeblood of all vegetation and hence the basis of the food chain. Leaving that aside, Dutch politicians have spent decades (over half a century, as a matter of fact) doing absolutely nothing about the traffic jams, which have cost the economy very dearly. Their refusal to do anything about the #trafficJams was comolained about, but tolerated because, oh well, if your lords and masters refuse to do their job, then what do you do about it? Just suck it up and try to cope, what else? Not vote for them? When has that ever worked? It’s a bit late when they’re already in power
But then they came up with climate change, and still refused to deal with the traffic jams, which cause incredible amounts of exhaust emmissions, including CO2 (as they complain about at any opportunity they get). I draw the conclusion that they deliberately cause such high CO2-emmissions, in an attempt to bring about #ClimateChange. That is attempted #democide at the whole planet. And such a government rather scares meas you understand.


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