Laying to rest (slavery)

In this post, I am permanently laying to rest, this argument used by #communists to prove that in capitalism, people are not free, capitalism is slavery: namely

Even though there is freedom of association, meaning that one is free to apply for any job one wishes; according to desperate communists, the need to get a job in order to survive (be able to make rent, buy food), means one is not free, to live as one would want to, rather one is a slave and #capitalism is all about #slavery

They know perfectly well, that people still need shelter from the weather and they need food to survive, so if YOU won’t work for those, somebody has to: houses don’t appear as if by magic, you know, similar to food in the shops, including the shops themselves, those have to be built and farmers must grow food, for it to appear in the builtshops.
And, not to forget, people need to #transport the goods from the #farm to the #shop, if those transporters would like to be able to not carry the produce on their backs, they will need trucks. Those trucks have to be built in a factory, using tools that have to be built in a factory, using stuff (resources) extracted from the ground (eg iron ore, clay for bricks) or from nature (wood, sharpened rocks), by people, using other tools that have to be…..
So if you were to get everything for free, someone else has to pay for it. And don’t say “the state will provide”, because the state only steals from people doing actual work.

So it is just your typical comment bait by frustrated commie #HowlerMonkeys


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