Hormonal/mental issues

As one person commented about Donald #Trump’s bombing policy, in the #FaceBook-group The New #Libertarian:

I read he has been killing more civilians per month than #Obama.

To top it off he bans the refugees from countries he is still bombing.

My reply was the following:

now that is a sign of either:

Mental retardedness/shortsightedness

Evil: (bombing people out of their homes and disallowing them to escape – he’s the embodiment of the Soviet practice of making citizens’ lives hell, then stringing barbed wire with gunmen in towers along it to kill people that try to escape – the definition of sadism)

Think of the damage it does to the minds of people that live there: continuous fear of death, 24/7. Unescapable #fear, which depletes the hormonal glands, effectively breeding a generation of fearless counter terrorists.

#bellum ad infinitum!

On corruption

One might hear the argument that #capitalism, with its basis in #greed is most susceptible to #corruption but in reality it’s socialism that is most lends itself to corrupt practices, by: increasing poverty, causing people to be more desperate for basic (but in socialism quickly unaffordable) amenities such as food, clothing, shelter, drink (water, not alcoholic per se).
Also, not to forget: in socialism, all pay (apart from the party leadership, of course) is equal, regardless of work. So the sewer-cleaner has the same pay as the farm inspector/ harvest collector who can be bought off with a small sack full of potatoes,to feed the inspector’s hungry family, and turn a blind eye when the farmer sells another portion of his harvest on the black market. Meaning that socialism requires thousands of civil servants to violate their own interests, for the good of the socialist dream of the party-leader. How do you think that will go over time?

Compare this to the situation under #capitalism/#voluntaryism: Where the level of #wealth is considerably higher, while also being more fairly distributed (not all wealth is reserved for only the party-leadership)
Poor people in the west typically have, say, a car, a wardrobe with fresh changes of clothing. Sure it may not be a #Lamborghini, or Hugo Boss-clothes, but under voluntsryanism, you have a choice of plenty of cheaper brands of both,rather than just the one brand with the considerable waiting lines that invariably result from central planning.
Capitalism harnesses that greed and uses it for good: this is plain Adam Smith: the baker does not supply the hungry with fresh bread out of the goodness of his own heart, but out of his desire to buy a house to live in. The house huilder builds & sells the house at a reasonable price for his own selfish reasons: if he would insist on a price nobody would be able to afford, he wouldn’t be able to sell the house to recoup his investment. Meaning that in capitalism, all people benefit if the rest also benefits.
Of course: the best way to avoid corruption is by removing the opportunity for people to get corrupted, namely government with its regulations, licensing restrictions, etc.

goud / BitCoin – toekomstbestendigheid

Zojuist (31 juli 2017) deze mail gestuurd naar de bank:
Geachte Rabo Bank,

Ik stuur u deze brief, omdat ik erg weinig vertrouwen heb in het gedrag van dhr. #Draghi, directeur van de #ECB. Gelieve uw klanten de mogelijkheid te bieden, ook met andere middelen te #betalen: zoals bv #BitCoin, of baar #goud (maar dan digitaal, in grammen gerekend), dit dmv de #pinpas, of iets icm de #Mastercard. Daar zou u de burger een heel groot plezier mee doen. Wanneer de rotmunt (geheel volgens de Oostenrijkse school) in elkaar stort, moet de burger nog iets hebben om mee overeind te kunnen blijven.

Nu maar hopen dat het iets in gang zet!
En,nee, ik heb de #’s er net pas hier voor internetpublicatie bijgezet, niet meeegstuurd in de mail naar de bank.

Again, they don’t get it

Or they sincerely don’t care. The announced British & French bans on “fossil” fuels by 2040, will go at the expense of huge waste of energy and enormous social upheaval and empoverishment. The considerable number of people that will lose their jobs (car mechanics, oil rig/fuel station personell and so forth) will pale in comparison to the emormous costs everyone will be presented with, in order to buy a new electric car, which even with subsidy is very expensive. If every tax-victim willl be forced to buy such a car, then stealing money from everybody, in order to give it right back to them, is a preposterous #waste of #energy, manpower, and thus also money! The prerogative of owning a car will, once again, be left to the elite (is that the #equality the enviros are always bleating about?) Just like the good old #Soviet-era when big Zil-limos were reserved for the party leadership.
So, everybody will have to get rid of their existing car (/motorbike) and replace it with an EV, all of them in one fell swoop. Apart from the daunting logistics of that (not even a skilled #centralPlanner will be able to guide that process). So, this is probably a disguised #social #engineering, a tyrannical measure: abolish #private #ownership of means of #transport. And force people to ake public transport or ride sharing.
The amount of energy that will get wasted by dumping perfectly useable cars on the rustheap, is considerable.

Risk through unreliability

If anything has been proven by the #Iraq wars (both of them), it’s that being friends with the US government may just get you killed. And with the #USSR gone, there’s no alternative to #DC. The #Arab states are being kept in line by DC either through diplomatic pressure/bribery, or by invading them and killing half the population (which is a bit much, even for politicians).
I know black Africa was handled by #Israel, on behalf of the US.
But, as is now abbundantly clear, #Saddam was good buddies with DC, receiving #monetary & #operational support by the US. That was until the early 90s, of course (though I wouldn’t put it past the power players, to first #attack a country, then build it up again – only to re-attack it later, if only for entertainment).
Which is why the unreliable moloch of DC ought to get isolated politically, by the global community. To put it in its place. It may lead to the lights in about 320,000,000 minds to switch on, which will be a good thing for the entire world. Hopefully, it will turn the #USA into a beacon of #liberty for the entire world

Throwback to the bad old days

GWB’s attacks on iraq and Afghanistan are worse than anything in the bad old days (and this time, those days may be here to stay).
Think: the hippie-generation got riled up about Kennedy’s brutal slaughter of #Vietnam, and they’ve come of age in the Reagan-era, then they became a force to be reckoned with. The brutality of US terrorism against the Vietnamese even went so far, that one of their own helicopter crews opened fire at the US soldiers. That isn’t counting the countless rapings of young girls.
So this generation caused #Reagan to have to go underground, and perform his terror by way of other countries (ever wondered why #Israel gets its top of the line war jets for free? They don’t: they had to perform democide in Guatemala & elsewhere in South America with them, but there are no up-front costs).
Anoter terrorist nation supported (operationally & financially) by the US, was Hussain’s #Iraq, iirc it was Rumsfeld who was caught on tape, shaking the violent bastard’s hand when telling him that the American people have gone round with the collection tin, to support your regime, and here are the millions of dollars you need to continue killing people. It was the same Donald #Rumsfeld who was among the aggressive war-hawks, aching to invade Iraq after #9/11 (which it has been sufficiently demonstrated, they had nothing to do with.).
The regime also unashamedly invaded Afganistan, because Bin Laden had moved into a cave there.
A transparant excuse to grow the empire by violent means (how else?), at the expense of countless lives – on both(!) sides. If it were really about acquiring or killing Bin Laden, thry could have sent in a small #CIA-team, sure, it would have killed a lot fewer people and it would not have raised the government debt by as much as it did, both key objectives for modern governments, but it would have gotten the job done, and the people didn’t give a peep when the Dubbya-clan undid it all the gains at keeping government in check. Not helped in the least by the communist tendencies of the former protesters (now in more influential positions, in the MSM, in government), that only want to keep government in power using any violence necessary.
So all that was good (the only thing) that came out of the #Vietnam war has been undone, aided by a lazy, complicit MainStream Media (#MSM), that refused to do its job of keeping the government in check, but instead chose to go along with all the propaganda. Not only did they get away with a bunch of wars, they actually drummed up support for them, helped to a quite distressing degree by popular entertainment that glorifies gullible teenage-assassins from poor families as “real American heroes”. Instead people are now glorifying the flag (the political institution), in fact, they can get quite angry when you’re deservedly critical of the political institution, somehow they take that personally.
I feel that the #leftists (in the msm) dropped the ball on purpose, because, well, a big government that can get away with stuff, is a powerful government. Therefore an ideal government.

Nog 1 keer: aanbod van nieuwe wegen veroorzaakt niet meer verkeer

Vandaag (27 juli 2017) onderstaande gestuurd aan cie.im:

Nog één keer: aanbod van nieuwe wegen veroorzaakt NIET meet verkeer!
Dat is een glasharde leugen van anti-milieu-activisten (de SP, Groenlinks).
Ruim 50! jaar file (een halve eeuw!) heeft ervoor gezorgd dat de uitstoot fors hoger is geworden, maar bovenal heeft het voor onverdiende, tomeloze frustraties bij de burger gezorgd. Zodat, indien er na zo’n enorm lange tijd eindelijk een keer een nieuwe weg wordt geopend, dat velen die zijn gevlucht, het OV laten voor wat het is, en het dan toch weer proberen met de auto. Wat heel wat wil zeggen over de kwaliteit van het OV, dat ervaring ermee, de klanten wegjaagt.
Dus zelfs al zou de economische wet van Jean Baptiste Say (de wet van de markt) inhouden dat aanbod zijn eigen vraag genereert (dat is niet wat de wetmatigheid inhoud), dan,nog, gold die wet alleen,maar bij een gezonde markt, waar vragende en aanbiedende partijen met elkaar in,evenwicht proberen te komen. Wanneer de overheid de aanbiedende partij is, wordt de vrager (de machteloze burger) geschoffeerd en gefrustreerd. In zo’n situatie is geen enkele economische wet van toepassing, hooguit het intetnationaal recht – dat zullen we wel zien in Scheveningen (gelegitimeerd door het Haagse gezanik over het klimaat, wat zij zelf doelgericht schaden).
Wat zegt de wet van de markt nu eigenlijk echt? Dat burgers eerst hun eigen productie moeten verkopen (loon naar werken ontvangen), en van dat loon, kunnen zij andermans productie kopen.

Onnodig hoge kosten van medicijnen

Zojuist (26-07 2017) deze brief naar de 2e kamer-commissie van VWS gestuurd:

Gegeven: de medicijnprijzen hier in Nederland, zijn doorgaans erg hoog.
Enige uitzondering, zijn “Magistrale bereidde” oftewel door apothekers bereidde medicijnen.
Oorzaak: apothekers hoeven niet miljoenen uit te geven aan een wettelijk verplichte goedkeuringsprocedure. Wat dus betekent dat die procedure eigenlijk helemaal niet nodig is: als dat wel zo was, zouden ook apothekers op die enorm hoge kosten worden gejaagd.
Gelijke monnikken, gelijke kappen. Dus: afschaffen, die procedure. Ook al vindt Roemer het niet leuk, omdat op die manier een smoesje voor zijn flutplan verdwijnt. Pech voor hem, niet voor ons!
En nu dus niet (op z’n typisch politieks) de kosten voor magistrale medicijnen ook belachelijk onnodig hoog maken, door de eisen van apothekersmedicijnen gelijk te maken aan die voor farma-industrie.

How about this hypothesis (#oil, #wealth)

How about the hypothesis that oil is literally the earth’s mantel (or crust, I confuse those two), processed by bacteria?
The people that support that hypothesis – over the #fossil fuel-hypothesis, suport that by a.o. the claim, that if it where fossil, it would have run out yonks ago, given all the #oil that’s been burnt & processed into plastic?
I propose not putting artificial limits on oil now (out of faux-concern for #durability), because all it would do, is keep the oil in the ground for future generations who are not allowed to touch it, because it has to be preserved for even further future generations, and infinitum. So it’s best to use it to create wealth now, and use that wealth to be able to fund a transfer to different energy sources. Wealth generated today is not wealth stolen from the future (like inflationary fake-wealth from central banks), so the #wealth generated today can be built upon by future generations, adding today’s wealth to the future’s wealth. A wealthy future can better support luxuries like “#durable #energy” that must be rammed down our empoverishing throats today.

Stereotypical Communist and Socialist Criticism


So #communism here can be defined as the form of organization of a mythical creature (the state/tribe) who’s interests surpass those of each and every member.
The only way for the tribe to flourish, is for each individual to sacrifice themselves/others. This is why devout communists (in Dutch national politics) are all over #Stalin (Mr. #Gulag). Stalin sacrificed millions to benefit/please the beast called the state.
The #god (#demon?) of the #state, once summoned, must be fed and appeased. His loyal servant Stalin did both therefore Stalin went to a good place after his desth.