Why are so many Arabs so angry?

No, Dubbya: they weren’t upset at our decadent western lifestyles, with its scantily-clad women etc, but they are fed up,with outside meddling with their homes (which started before the cold war, but appeared to have reached its zenith at that time – until post-9/11 when that zenith got eclipsed by every American regime following #Dubbya (GWB), including of course, #Obama (winner of the Nobel peace prize! During whose 8 year reign, not one single day of peace occurred in the Middle-East, but rather 7 wars) and now, #Trump. The British and French, held colonial house in the region, creating counties that did not exist (I know, tautology) and, judging by the turmoil there, SHOULD never exist.
After WW2 (during the cold war), the Soviets tried to support #communist regimes, the Americans tried to support “#capitalist” (at least non-communist) regimes, this caused much bloodshed and misery. Now, the Russian communist block is no more, so the only side to take revenge on for being the abused playthings of others, is the western.
Yes, the primitive notion of #revenge rears its ugly head again, killing people that had nothing to do with the politics of the era (because they’re #civillians, and many weren’t even born back then). Yet, because of the preposterous notion of #nationhood, this continuous cycle of revenge for revenge for revenge will continue.

What doesn’t help, is the unfounded boasting of #democracy, meaning that the hypocrites claim to do what the people want. Implying that we all want to end the lives of just about all Arabs. Which means that: indeed, killing western civillians, is the best way to stop the slaughtering of Arabs. Unless one of the western despots, at long last admits that the concept of #parliamentary #democracy is impossible, and we live in #oligarchic #dictatorships, the only way to stop the violence, against citizens in the west is by stopping violence against the citizens of the middle-east. Now, even out of mere plain humanity that is the thing to do, of course, but even when in an in-human state of mind (political), this is the thing to do, if fighting/preventing counter-terrorism is the actual goal.


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