Apart from the veracity of AGW… This is scarier

Leaving aside the dubious scientific veracity of the #UN’s and #Gore’s claims, there’s one more scary thing about #AGW: (at least here in the Netherlands): the government claims to worship at the altar of Gore, yet continues to make every effort of maximizing #CO2-concentrations, by having now spent 60 years (well over half a century!) of not curing traffic jams, even since the arrival of the church of Gore, thry keep trying to not do anything about it: rather, they continue yapping about the same old, same old, that has never worked before (and they know it hasn’t): “public transport”, that is more acceptable to the commie bastards. (Leaving aside how wasteful it is, to run empty #trains to well-lit, empty train stations).

This is nothing but #treason. And you know which is the scariest of all? I’ve looked into charging the government with treason,  but the only laws I could find that related to treason defended the actual government (public enemies 1 – 150) against the public!

Hello, PyongYang! How are you doing comrades?


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