Infinite energy

Incredible how there are still people that claim that electric vehicles (EVs) have no emissions. Apparently, Harry Potter (or his spiritual predecessor, Merlin) imbued those batteries with infinite electric capacity in the factory: once installed, they never have to be recharged with electricity from a coal-fired power plant.
In fact, emmission-less power can not even be achieved from a windmill (#wind-power generator, WPG), because they have to be built from materials extracted from the ground, using oil-powered machines, which are then processed in a big factory, using cokes, etc….
But even if the WPG would generate no emmissions at any time during its existence, it would still mean EVs cause some emmissions, because the capacity of any WPG isn’t infinite, so even if an EV used wind power exclusively, it would mean that another user could not use that electricity, and had to resort to coal-derived electricity, being driven away from the WPG-power to coal power by the boastful climate savior.


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