Why bother?

Why bother with elections? When the bloodthirsty rabid vampire aka #Barrack #Obama was in the white house he started 7 wars, during 8 years (1095 days, not including leaps, which would only add insult to injury) with 0 days of peace. So my hope for the Don was that he would be less violently inclined. Yet, in response to what’s basically fake news, he decided to have another Arab country bombed (#Syria) over dubious reports about a gas attack by the president on “his” people; the attack by the globe’s policeman cost so many citizen’s lives (the soldiers called to attempt to repel the attack were extracted from the citizenry). Thids way, #Trump’s foreign policy closely resembles Obama’s. So why bother with elections, if nothing’s gonna change?
Ps in my considered opinion, #peace is the most important issue in a country’s politics, because war leads to:
Reduced safety/security (counter attacks, drafted citizens murdered on the battle field)
Economic doom: (read about the peace dividend https://ludwigvanel.wordpress.com/2017/07/13/het-vredesdividend/ (summary in English: war only destroys, builds nothing, so only profits a tiny clique called the #MIC; society as a whole suffers.)
Social disruption: freedoms (movement, gathering, speech, …) are restricted. Also: society is made crazy scared about a demography (jews, muslims), causing psychological/emotional harm to the population, and possibly inciting racial violence.
Another example as to how elections waste time, is the comment made by PM Mark #Rutte (the anti-democrat), currently heading for his third term. At first there was the threat that the crypto #communists of GreenLeft would be allowed into the cabinet. Luckily they proved to be uncapable of taking the responsibility of #government. When that option was (blissfully) eliminated, #Rutte announced that GL’s darling policy subject (climate) would still stay a factor in government policy. So, why bother not voting for the cryptocommies, then? If their policy gets adopted by government, no matter who wins the elections? That’s #cheating of the #voters! If you explicitly vote against a #policy, they go ahead and do it anyway.
Maybe it’s because of treaties they signed (no: the Paris agreement was not a treaty, but an agreement), then such treaties are an exercise in the deliberate sabotage of the democratic process, to make sure that the policies of a certain ruling party get to continue, in spite of them being bumped out of power by a fed-up population.

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