I just realized: those assassins, that manned the towers along the iron curtain, what was wrong with them?
What drove them to it, to kill their fellow human beings?

  1. Sadism?
  2. The urge to blindly follow orders? (Milgram/Nuremberg)
  3. Bloodlust?
  4. Fear of reprisals?
  5. Bribery (salary)?

Re 1: The desire to keep their fellow humans from escaping the open-air prison
Re 2: part of the “2 Stans” / the Nuremberg defense (I was just following orders)
Re3: the wish to kill people, since government is an institution of #aggression, it isnit surprising that it would attract people with a propensity for this
Re 4: this would become an infinitely long list of people willing to shoot each other
Re 5: Even so, it would involve sadism, because surely some border-assassins would some day find out that live was hell for the people, and they had a very good reason for wanting to escape, and border-murderer was quite a lowly job in the hierarchy of government, quite far removed from the snobby party-apparatus (elite) which got the serious amounts of money/privilege, and kept their hands clean. Besides, I thought all socialists were supposed to make the same salary, diferentiation in reward for different jobs (meritocracy) was a capitalist thing, Marx preferred “to each according to his need.”


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