Risk through unreliability

If anything has been proven by the #Iraq wars (both of them), it’s that being friends with the US government may just get you killed. And with the #USSR gone, there’s no alternative to #DC. The #Arab states are being kept in line by DC either through diplomatic pressure/bribery, or by invading them and killing half the population (which is a bit much, even for politicians).
I know black Africa was handled by #Israel, on behalf of the US.
But, as is now abbundantly clear, #Saddam was good buddies with DC, receiving #monetary & #operational support by the US. That was until the early 90s, of course (though I wouldn’t put it past the power players, to first #attack a country, then build it up again – only to re-attack it later, if only for entertainment).
Which is why the unreliable moloch of DC ought to get isolated politically, by the global community. To put it in its place. It may lead to the lights in about 320,000,000 minds to switch on, which will be a good thing for the entire world. Hopefully, it will turn the #USA into a beacon of #liberty for the entire world


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