Again, they don’t get it

Or they sincerely don’t care. The announced British & French bans on “fossil” fuels by 2040, will go at the expense of huge waste of energy and enormous social upheaval and empoverishment. The considerable number of people that will lose their jobs (car mechanics, oil rig/fuel station personell and so forth) will pale in comparison to the emormous costs everyone will be presented with, in order to buy a new electric car, which even with subsidy is very expensive. If every tax-victim willl be forced to buy such a car, then stealing money from everybody, in order to give it right back to them, is a preposterous #waste of #energy, manpower, and thus also money! The prerogative of owning a car will, once again, be left to the elite (is that the #equality the enviros are always bleating about?) Just like the good old #Soviet-era when big Zil-limos were reserved for the party leadership.
So, everybody will have to get rid of their existing car (/motorbike) and replace it with an EV, all of them in one fell swoop. Apart from the daunting logistics of that (not even a skilled #centralPlanner will be able to guide that process). So, this is probably a disguised #social #engineering, a tyrannical measure: abolish #private #ownership of means of #transport. And force people to ake public transport or ride sharing.
The amount of energy that will get wasted by dumping perfectly useable cars on the rustheap, is considerable.


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